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Alloy, Element Analysis
EDX 2800

AERB Certificate Approved by AERB

* Element Analysis

* Plating Thickness

* RoHS Testing
EDX Portable

Specially designed for on-site and outdoors X-ray fluorescence analysis that requires portable instrument.Small,light and carriable by one hand (or on shoulder)

The packing case, solid pressure resistible, and water-proof, contrives an all-in-one design with the instrument.

Good X-ray shielding capability of the sample chamber for the benefit of the operators.

High efficient all-in-one mini X-ray tube, high performance detector system, large capacity Lithium battery and long hours of independent work.

AERB Certificate Approved by AERB

EDX Pocket3 handheld X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer specially developed for on-site analysis.It is the smallest,rapidest,most advanced and accurate XRF Analyzers on the market.It can be used widely in fields such as alloy analysis,mineral analysis,geographic analysis,scrap metals recycling analysis,RoHS testing and soil analysis.Moreover,it can also be used to perform material identification(PMI)and verification.It is a low cost XRF analyzer.  More...
EDX 3000 D

Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

An attractive and fashionable design. Precise automatic movable platform, can adjust the position of sample more accurately and conveniently. Unique light path enhancement system, convenient for users to observe samples more accurately. Sample positioning system newly developed with automatic movable platform, starts measurement with one Automatic collimator and filter switch, for samples of different sizes.Used for RoHS substances, plating coating and full element analysis, one machine for multiple purposes. Electro- refrigeration Si-PIN semiconductor detector with no liquid nitrogen refrigeration .Specially developed measurement software with user friendly operation interface. Inbuilt high resolution camera, convenient for users to analyze samples at any moment.
EDX 6000B

The cost-effective world leading X-ray generator and high voltage unit make the instrument produce results complaint with state standards.
The instrument is specially designed for metallurgy and building material energy.
Laser Marker

Redlands Laser marker uses the highly concentrated energy from a very parallel beam of light focused to microscopic spot which is moved over the marking area to create a variety of images on a wide range of materials.  More...

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