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Gold Melting Induction furnace  More...
Jewellery weighing Scale

Redlands jewellery Weighing machine has Custom built hybrid circuit for protection against moisture.Unique ADC with temperature compensation for high resolution models.  More...
EDX 600

AERB Certificate Approved by AERB

"Fast and precise analysis of Precious metal jewellery"

The EDX 600 Gold purity analyzer is the result of many years of research in the analysis of gold and other precious metals using X-ray fluorescence. Redlands gold testing machine is economically priced, it's precision and ease of operation make it the most favored gold purity analysis instrument in the jewelry trade. The Windows based software is extremely user friendly and the operator does not require any advanced training. This gold purity analyzer has the largest measurement area (20 mm) and is therefore most suited for measuring all type of jewelry. These features make it the ideal X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer, for the analysis of gold and precious metal alloys.The Redlands Gold purity analyzer has a spacious sample chamber which allows for measurement of large samples.   More...

AERB Certificate Approved by AERB

EDX Pocket3 handheld X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer specially developed for on-site analysis.It is the smallest,rapidest,most advanced and accurate XRF Analyzers on the market.It can be used widely in fields such as alloy analysis,mineral analysis,geographic analysis,scrap metals recycling analysis,RoHS testing and soil analysis.Moreover,it can also be used to perform material identification(PMI)and verification.It is a low cost XRF analyzer.  More...
EDX 3000

AERB Certificate Approved by AERB

" Fast analytical technique for a wide range of application"

The Redlands gold purity analyzer EDX 3000 uses a semiconductor silicon detector with ultra thin Be film and has internal cooling. It has a high spectral resolution and high count rate which facilitates quick and precise measurement.The Redlands Gold purity analyzer has a spacious sample chamber which allows for measurement of large samples.  More...
Bundle Note Counter

Useful for bundled note or loose note counting. Optional Count for
all types of documents like cheques, vouchers and coupons.
World class technology, developed in India.  More...
Loose Note Counter

The COUNTRON RLC Series currency counters are one of the fastest and most reliable machines in the country. They are specially designed to count soiled currency notes. A special feature for soiled notes include a dust extractor as a standard feature, to reduce downtime by preventing build up of dirt and dust. An inbuilt UV fake note detector make these machines extremely user friendly. The machine stops immediately after detecting a fake note. The COUNTRON series currency counters combines the latest technologies with an innovative design and a rugged construction to ensure trouble free operations.  More...
Paper Shredders

Laser Marker

Redlands Laser marker uses the highly concentrated energy from a very parallel beam of light focused to microscopic spot which is moved over the marking area to create a variety of images on a wide range of materials.  More...
Fake Note Detector

Used to Detect Fake Notes  More...

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