Plating Thickness Analyzer

Thick 800 is tailor made for rapid and non-destructive detection of plating thickness and elemental content in large size devices. Thick 800 adopts the top lightening structure, 3-D movable sample platform and laser positioning system, which enables the possibility of the point by point detection of plating thickness and elemental content on large size parts. Thick 800 is equipped with top lightening structure, 3-D movable sample platform, double laser positioning system and open sample chamber. The up and down movable glass shield cap helps prevent the leakage of X-rays. Thick 800 has the state-of-the-art outlook, structure and color design. A set of functional software is also fully supplied.
Technical Specifications

1, Analysis Range: (K)~(U)

2, Many layers can be analyzed at a time.

3, The detection limit of thickness can reach 0.01 m

4, More than five plating layers can be analyzed simultaneously.

5, Independent matrix effect correction models: most.

6, Advanced thickness analysis method.

7, Repeatability is up to 0.01m

8, Stability is lower than 0.01m

9, Ambient Temperature: 15-30C

10, Input voltage: 220 5V/50Hz (AC purified regulation power supply is suggested)
Application Fields

Electro Plating,Ornament Processing & Precious metal

1.Elemental content detection of precious metals like Au, Pt, Ag and ornaments

2.Metal plating thickness analysis and elemental detection of plating and electro plating solution.

3.Mainly used in precious metal, ornament processing, banks ornament sale and detection and electro plating industries.

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