EDX 3600

AERB Certificate Approved by AERB

EDX 3600 carries five characteristics of EDX family: rapid, accurate, non-destructive, intuitive, and environment friendly.
Product Features

1.Automatic Multi collimator and filter switching.

2.Triple safety protection mode

3.Independent matrix effect correction model

4.Multi variant non-linear regression procedure

5.Arbitrary optional analysis and identification model

6.Electric circuit unit with high signal to noise ratio

7.High efficient X-ray tube

8.Professional X-ray fluorescence analysis software for Full element measurement

9.Signal - Noise Enhancer (SNE)

Excellent Configurations

Mobile sample plateform.

Signal-to-Noise Enhancer.

SDD / Si Pin Detector.

Digital multi-channel analysis system.

High power x-ray tube.

X-ray Source :X-ray Tube Ti or W cathode

HV Generator :50kv adjustable in 200V steps
Current adjustable in 1mA steps

Detector : SDD / Si Pin

Detection Range : S(Z=16) to U(Z=92)

Measurement Range : 0.1 - - - 99.99 %

Measurement Time : 30 - - - 300 seconds

Measurement Precision : 0.1% In homogeneously melted Sample ( Accuracy levels in comparison with fire assay result only )

Collimators and Filters : 8 Collimators and 5 Filters automatically switched as per requirement

Working Temperature : 5 - 50 C

Relative Humidity : 0 - - 95%

System Requirement : External PC with Windows XP / Windows 7 (32bit)

Software : Windows Based

Power Requirement : 230V - 50Hz

Power Consumption : 100W

Instrument Dimension : 550 mm x 410mm x 320mm

Sample Chamber : 439mm x 300mm x 96mm

Weight : 45Kg

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