Gold Purity Detector
Econo Gold Purity Detector

The Gold Purity Detector RGD 200 concentrates on high precision low cost and simple operation. Its distinguishing feature of detecting fake materials from the real precious lot is commentable. The detector evaluates the purity of gold by measuring the specific gravity of samples. The detector can be used in all types of jewellery like stone type, flat gold , hollow ornaments heavy worked ornaments etc. Purity percentage is displayed by evaluating the ordinary ornaments, without restriction. The test results in percentage of this gold purity detector gives more accuracy than the test results in other machine.

1.Model :RGD 200

2.Power Supply :230v AC

3. Power Consumption :15 W

4. Dimension :410 x 206 x 210mm

5. Accuracy :± 6%

6.Operating Temperature :25 - 30°C
Standard Features

High Performance, low power AVR 8 bit micro controller

LCD 16 digit character display

Facility to attach with PC

LED indication for stability

Large Sample Chamber

Works in the base of Archimedes principle

State of the art electronics for efficient and reliable operation

No advanced training required to oprate the instrument

Result within 1 minutes

Measures all types of complex shapes and designs commonly found in jewellery

Non destructive

Distinguishes quickly between Fake and Real

Detection of gold purity in percentages

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