Bundle Note Counter
Bundle Note Counter

Useful for bundled note or loose note counting. Optional Count for
all types of documents like cheques, vouchers and coupons.
World class technology, developed in India.

1.Vacuum suction based technology with five suction spindles

2.Heavy duty & high speed operation

3.Auto & manual control of counting

4.User friendly operation

5.High precision accuracy

6.Alarm and optional voice message for errors

7.Low noise operation

8.High stability and versatility

9.Special dust collecting filters

10.Steel/fiber body,easy to move

11.Elegant,Compact & Portable design

12.Optional count for all types of documents like cheques,vouchers and coupons

13.Specially designed for handling all kinds of Indian currency.

14.World class technology,developed in india

Technical Specifications

Counting system : vacuum suction type

Note holding capacity : 200 notes approximately.

Counting speed : 100 notes /4 seconds approximately.

Countable size of note : 90-300 /50-130 /0.075-0.75 mm


Desktop : 21kg
Floor : 27kg

Working voltage AC : 200 to 250 V

Power Consumption : 325 W (operating),7W (Standby)

Relative Humidity :10 to 90 % (Non condensing)

Ambient Temperature : 10 Degree to 50 Degree

Noise level :70 dB
Modes of Operation

Check Mode : This verification mode counts the packet of 100 notes or loose notes; if notes are less or more than 100,then the system shows an error message with alarm/voice (Optional)

Free Mode : Counts packet or loose notes without generating any error message.

Batch Mode : Batches the notes up to three digits.This is also useful to make the packets of 100 notes.

Stamp Mode : verifies the packet of 100 notes and stamps OK logo on the packet.

Add Mode : During counting , accumulates the number of notes up to 10 digits i.e.9999999999

Diagnostic Mode : This is a self test mode which guides the user while performing system level testing.

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