Jewellery Weighing Machine
Jewellery weighing Scale

Redlands jewellery Weighing machine has Custom built hybrid circuit for protection against moisture.Unique ADC with temperature compensation for high resolution models.
Model CA & CB Series

Technology used : EMFC

Capacity range : 125 g - 6 kg

Accuracy range : 1mg -100mg

Display : Seven segment LED/VFD
Specification (CA & CB series)

Taring Range (Subtractive) Up to full capacity.

Response time (Approx.) 3 to 6 Seconds.

Power requirements 230V AC, 50Hz.

Operating temperature range 10C to 45C

Weight 6Kg. Approx.
Features - (CA & CB series)

Based on E.M.F.C. Technology.

State of the art microcomputer based design.


Standard bi-directional RS232C interface.

Automatic zero tracking.

Port for external display.

Multiple weighing Units : Grams, Carat & Parts Counting

Accumulation of weights in memory.

Custom Built Hybrid Circuit for protection against moisture.

Unique ADC with temp. Compensation for high resolution models
Model PAJ series

Technology used : MFRT

Capacity range : 810 g - 4100 g

Accuracy range : 1mg -10mg

Display : Backlit LCD
Features - PAJ Series

multiple weighing units, percentage weighing mode and vibration filtering

Bright backlit LCD Display with cast aluminum housing and stainless steel weigh pan

RS232 connectivity
Model TX Series

Technology used : Unibloc

Capacity range : 220 g - 3200 g

Accuracy range : 1mg -10mg

Display : Backlit LCD
Features - TX Series

UniBloc's compact,uniform structure ensure stable temperature characteristics,excellent response time and stable corner-load performance

Quickly adjust the desired ratio of stability and response for every application

Menu navigation keys are separated from weighing operation keys and arranged in a familiar 5-way navigation circle

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