WDX Spectrometer

Wdx-200 Compact Multi Channel X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer, with configuration of 10 fixed channels and capability to analyze 10 elements simultaneously, is able to conduct elemental analysis of arbitrary ten elements from Na to U based on the users requirements. This instrument is widely used in cement, steel, powder metallurgy coal, petroleum, kaolin, glass, refractory materials and environment protection, and accordingly an ideal choice for quality control in large and middle scaled enterprises.

Model: WDX 200

Temperature control accuracy of constant temperature chamber: setting value ± 0.1°C

Measurable Elements: 10 arbitrary elements from Na to U

Analysis Algorithms: empirical coefficient algorithm and theoretical a-coefficient algorithm.

AC220V power supply: 1KVA AC purified stabilized voltage power supply.

High voltage supply: 200 W (50KV4mA)

12 Hour stability of tube voltage & tube current: less than 0.05%

Vacuum pump: biphase 220v, 2 liters

Industrial Computer: industrial 104 computers.

Analysis Accuracy: n-1(24 hours, percent content)<=0.05%
Measurement time of single sample (including time for changing samples and vacuum pumping) ≤3-5 minutes
X-ray Tube: 400W thin Be end window X- ray tube made by Varian company, Rh anode(Pd anode optional).

Detector: gas proportional detector + sealed proportional detector; 10 path 1024 channel independent pulse height analyzer.

Vacuum System: Independent vacuum pump station , easy maintenance.
The highest vacuum degree: lower than 5 Pa

Gas flow System: High sophisticated Gas Density Stabilizer with pressure stability up to ≤0.003Kpa

Analysis Software: equipped with software for two quantitative analysis algorithms: empirical coefficient algorithm and theoretical a-coefficient algorithm. With innovative technology of full spectrum analysis every spectrum line can be timely traced and corrected, which greatly improves the repeatability and stability of quantitative analysis and also serves as intuitive evidence of instrument status diagnosis. Complete measures for self-diagnosis are supplied. In built RS-232 serial communication protocol, TCP/IP protocol(S/C based on socket) and OPC protocol (OPC Server) all offer ways to share data with DCS or QCS system.
Excellent Qualities

1, Rapid and non destructive analysis of powder and bulk samples.

2, Multi channel high speed MCA offers timely measurement of every element peak, benefiting not only instrument debugging and failure diagnosis but also the enhancement of stability of the instrument.

3, Compared with sequential scan large power spectrometers, WDS-200 gains adequate analysis precision even when lower power and equal measurement time are adopted which not only endows the instrument with high cost performance, but also prevents wearing of the goniometer, prolong the service life of X-ray tube minimizes

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