Handheld XRF Analyzer

AERB Certificate Approved by AERB

EDX Pocket3 handheld X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer specially developed for on-site analysis.It is the smallest,rapidest,most advanced and accurate XRF Analyzers on the market.It can be used widely in fields such as alloy analysis,mineral analysis,geographic analysis,scrap metals recycling analysis,RoHS testing and soil analysis.Moreover,it can also be used to perform material identification(PMI)and verification.It is a low cost XRF analyzer.
Main Characteristics

1, The instrument is small light and portable, providing rapid and non-destructive on-site analysis of the samples.

2, Figurative interface, flexible software operation, intuitive spectrum display and definite results.

3, Several working curves are provided in the software, which can even be edited and renewed by the uses upon test requirements.

4, Optional GPS helps locate the tested sample when mining or surveying mines in the world.

5, SD card with super large capacity is available. There is no limit of data storage.

6, Attractive design and comfortable feel when held in hand.

7, The carriage case has high strength and high sealing capacity drop and shock proof as well.

8, Faster analysis and better accuracy, delivering lab-quality results.

9, Wide range of measurable elements: Ti, V, cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Zr, Nb, Mg, Sn, Hf, Ta, W, Re, Pb, Bi, Se, Sb, Pb, Au and Hg.

10, Broad application fields: RoHS testing, alloy analysis, geographic analysis, minerals analysis, precious metal analysis, heavy, metals analysis, and scrap metals recycling analysis.

11, Rapid and accurate on site analysis, giving a test in tens of seconds and saving time and money significantly.

12, Field based direct surface measurement can be done without sample preparation. Any sample type including soil, rock, dirt, drug, solid particles, liquid sediments etc can be tested.

13, It has maximized flexibility with choice of analysis modes ensuring good test results.

14, It can withstand all kinds of harsh environment in temperature between 20C-50C. It is ideal for dusty humid and high temperature conditions over long periods.

15, The instrument is easy and comfortable to use. High visualized. Brief training is needed.

Working Principle: XRF analysis exploiting X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry.

Measurable Elements: S-U

Detector: Advanced thermo-electric cooling Si-PIN Semiconductor X-ray detector with high performance and high energy resolution.

Excitation Source: mini 40KV/50-A X-ray tube. Ag/W anode target.

Data Display: High definition and high resolution PDA(Personal Digital Assistant)with GPS function, Windows CE Operating System,stable Bluetooth Communication, personal data handing and e-mail sending.

Data Storage: Large capacity SD card and SD card reader enable the data to store on PC and print-out.

Power supply: Operating time of two fully charged Lithium batteries is no less than 8 hours.

Weight: 1.4 Kilo (Without battery)

Overall size: 260*325*125 mm (L * H* W)

Ambient Environment temperature: 20C-50C

Safety Feature: Both PDA and software operations are protected by passwords. Unauthorized people are not allowed to operate.

Standard Accessories

Shock, pressure and water proof carrying case with padlocks.110V/220V general purpose charger large capacity SD memory card SD card reader two 4000m Lithium batteries, Lithium battery charger, PDA accessories, lab test stand(optional) etc.


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