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Quality Products with Responsible After Sales Service


Our success is deeply rooted in the relationships we’ve built with customers who have believed in us through the years. Among the myriad reasons these relationships have stood the test of time, spanning over 35 years with both large and small clients, is our unparalleled commitment to after-sales service. This unwavering dedication to support and excellence post-purchase is what truly sets us apart, fostering loyalty and ensuring that every client, regardless of size, feels valued and supported long after the initial transaction. It’s this approach that has been a key factor in maintaining strong, lasting partnerships and contributing to our story in profound ways.


Who We Are ?

The Redlands Ashlyn group of companies, entered the sales and service of precision weighing balances, catering primarily to the jewelry industrial and analytical segments. At a time when imported balances were the mainstay of the industry. The Redlands ACI groups played a pivotal role in introducing and effectively marketing made in India electronic weighing balances. So for the first time, electronic balances were affordable to a great many users.


We Develop Solutions that Go Beyond Just Products

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