AHW 30 KG – Weighing Machine

AHW 30 KG – Weighing Machine

The AHW series of scales provides an accurate, fast series of general purpose weighing scales used for retail segments, industrial segments and packaging industries. These scales feature an ABS baby tray atop an ABS base assembly, ensuring durability and stability. The keypads consist of sealed, color-coded membrane switches, enhancing usability and functionality. The displays are large, easy to read liquid crystal type displays (LCD) equipped with a backlight for improved visibility in various lighting conditions.

All units are equipped with automatic zero tracking, tare, and hold functions, making them highly versatile for various weighing needs.

The scales can be operated from a battery if desired, with a battery life of approximately 70 hours, providing ample time for continuous use without the need for frequent recharging.

Check-weighing feature: Check-weighing is a procedure that cause an alarm to sound when the weight on the scale meets or exceeds values stored in memory. This feature allows for precise control, with memory holding values for a high limit and a low limit. Users can choose to utilize either limit or both, ensuring flexibility and accuracy in weight management.

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