CT 20K5 – Baby Weighing

CT 20K5 – Baby Weighing

We offer scales for health management, gyms, and hospitals. These economy products are battery-powered, compact, portable, attractive, and convenient for usage.

Baby weighing scales are invaluable assets in pediatric clinics, hospitals, and homes. By providing accurate weight and length measurements, they assist healthcare professionals and parents alike in ensuring the well-being and healthy growth of infants.

The CT 20K5 Baby Weighing Scale is an essential tool crafted to precisely measure the weight and length of infants, playing a pivotal role in tracking their growth and development. Engineered for maximum safety and comfort, the CT 20K5 features a user-friendly design with a gentle, contoured platform and innovative functionalities, such as stabilization technology to accommodate a baby’s movements. This scale is ideal for comprehensive growth monitoring, allowing for both weight and length assessments in a single, convenient device.

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