CTL 300 – Weighing Machine

CTL 300 – Weighing Machine

The CTL 300 Precision Scale is the perfect weighing scale for banks, financial institutions, jewelleries, designed to meet the specific needs of high precision weighing. This scale features a bright 7-segment LED display that offers clear visibility under any lighting conditions, enhancing user convenience.

Built with a high-quality load cell, the CTL 300 ensures accurate and reliable measurements every time. Its compact, lightweight design makes it highly portable, suitable for environments where space is at a premium and mobility is essential. An inbuilt battery charger adds further to its convenience, allowing continuous operation even when mains power is unavailable.

Offering multiple weighing units, including grams and carats, the CTL 300 caters to a variety of weighing needs, making it incredibly versatile. Whether weighing precious metals or conducting routine transactions, this scale delivers precision and reliability.

Choose the CTL 300 Precision Scale for a blend of sophistication, functionality, and ease, making it a top choice for professionals who demand accuracy and portability in their weighing solutions.

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