D3I- 30 Kg – Gold Melting Induction

D3I- 30 Kg – Gold Melting Induction

It runs on Induction Technology, absolute homogeneous alloying with reduction in burning losses is achieved due to uniform temperature controlling which avoids the skin effect in METRO Induction Systems. Advantage of melting small quantities at automatic appropriate energy consumption is an added advantage in today’s competitive world. Small in size and low on budget, and host of other features to suite your needs of fast and economical melting with assurance of timely services.

The GOLD BOND Induction system is available in different capacities from 250gms to 30kg melting system for your convenience of better melting. All these systems have capability to work in auto mode or manual mode for the convenience of melting and temperature controlling. Chilling unit is standard equipment.

R2 - 250 gm - Gold Melting Machine

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