EDX 3000 – Gold & Silver Testing Machine

EDX 3000 – Gold & Silver Testing Machine

Redlands XRF machines are the most accurate, economical, and globally accepted gold purity testing machines in the jewellery segment. Customers can choose the EDX 3000 with either a multi-collimator or a single-collimator configuration, catering to various testing needs. This model features the most advanced Si pin detector with superior resolution, achieving precise alloy identification.

EDX 3000 is the most suitable economical model for measuring ornaments/melted samples. Its unique wide and spot scanning capabilities, make the EDX 3000 one of the most accurate and precise gold testing machine – thanks to the multi-collimator facility. The larger sample chamber can accommodate any ornament, and the 20 mm wide-area scanning ensures accurate results by averaging both soldered and non-soldered portions of ornaments. Additionally, the point collimator can analyze a precise spot valuation even after scratching.

With its non-destructive analysis, your valuable ornaments remain intact throughout the testing process. The weight integration facility helps in exact valuation according to weight and provides future reference for transactions. Redlands advanced software features a warning alert that activates within 5 seconds if the ornaments are of very low purity or spurious, necessitating further verification or investigation. When testing jewellery, users can input details like customer name, ornament description etc. making our software unique in the industry.

The instrument interfaces with a computer through a USB/LAN port and uses extremely user-friendly Windows-based software for fast and easy analysis. EDX 3000 is pre-calibrated with international standards. Results can be obtained both qualitatively and quantitatively. All tested results are saved in records, allowing for easy retrieval of data by customer name or date. The printout includes all necessary customer data, including an image of the tested sample. The conclusive and comprehensive evaluation report makes the EDX 3000 gold testing machine extremely helpful for users, facilitating easy valuation and record maintenance.

Redlands Ashlyn is the global leader and the most trusted XRF brand, with over 34 years of experience and expertise, and a PAN India service network.

Area of application:
  • Retail jewellery
  • Gold loans
  • Buying old gold
  • Quality control
  • Gold assays
EDX 3000 Gold Testing Machine

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