EDX 600 – Gold & Silver Testing Machine

EDX 600 – Gold & Silver Testing Machine

Experience lightning-fast gold testing with the Redlands EDX 600. Within just 5 seconds, access live readings that redefine efficiency. Using cutting-edge X-Ray Fluorescence technology and a gas-filled proportional counter detector, this instrument ensures precise results every time.

With its non-destructive analysis, your valuable ornaments remain intact throughout the testing process. Plus, the generous 20mm measurement area eliminates the need for sample focusing, making it perfect for various gold items.

Navigate seamlessly with user-friendly software, and rely on consistent accuracy without the hassle of daily calibration. Approved by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, it’s both reliable and compliant.

Discover unparalleled speed, accuracy, and ease with the Redlands EDX 600—your ultimate gold testing solution.

EDX 600 Gold Testing Machine

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