EX 1103 – Weighing Machine

EX 1103 – Weighing Machine

Designed with the modern lab in mind, this device streamlines complex processes and delivers unparalleled ease of use and accuracy.

Advanced applications eliminate the hassle of manual calculations and data logging, allowing users to focus on the results that matter. Whether tracking the difference between initial and residual weights or calculating the density of solids and liquids, the Explorer ensures that complex measurements are made simple.

Key to its efficiency is a high-resolution touch screen display, which provides clear, immediate feedback and simplifies the interface, making setup and application use effortless. Users can navigate through functions with ease, enhancing workflow and reducing setup time.

Further enhancing the Explorer’s usability are its four assignable infrared (IR) sensors, which allow for completely touch-free operation. This feature is ideal for maintaining sterility and preventing cross-contamination in sensitive experiments, ensuring that the integrity of your results is never compromised.

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