FND SR0707 – Fake Note Detector

FND SR0707 – Fake Note Detector

Fake note detection unit consist of UV LED, photodiode, amplifier and comparator. The UV LED source transmits the UV rays, if the note is real it will absorb some amount of UV rays and if the note is fake then the all rays will be reflected back towards the photodiode.

The system proposed here work here on the image of currency note under ultraviolet light acquired by a digital camera. The algorithm which is applied here is as follows:

1. Acquisition of image of currency note under ultraviolet light by simple digital camera or scanner.

2. Image acquired is RGB image and now is converted to grayscale image.

3. Edge detection of whole gray scale image.

4. Now characteristics features of the paper currency will be cropped and segmented.

5. After segmentation, characteristics of currency note are extracted.

6. Intensity of each feature is calculated.

7. If the condition is satisfied, then the currency note is said as original otherwise fake.

In this method, characteristics of currencies are employed which are used by common people for differentiating for different banknote denomination.

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